• Gifted a hearing aide to a child at Mill Neck Manor.  Mill Neck, NY.

  • Donated financial assistance to medically fragile child.  Long Island, NY.

  • Donated 6 ipads with special software to underprivileged, non-verbal, Autistic children at Danny's Wish.  Elmont, NY.

  • Donated toys and clothes to an Autistic low income child for Christmas.  Long Island, NY.

  • Gifted two $250 scholarships for local Middle School special needs students.

  • Donated $500 to Oyster Bay/East Norwich School District SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association).

  • Donated $4000 from ASCF to The Morgan Center through YOLO Strong Foundation's A Dollar per Mile Campaign.

  • Donated $1000 in supplies and gift cards to Friday Friends, a monthly RESPITE program where children with special needs can join and bond with teen volunteers in the community on a one-to-one basis.

  • Paid off the remaining balance of a car for the parents of a 12 year old girl who coxa vara.  She has had many hip surgeries, with the last one was for a very complicated orthopedic surgical procedure involving hip osteotomies.   Her recovery from her last surgery took a very rare and unexpected turn which was very painful and has left her non weight bearing and wheelchair bound.  Due to this, mom takes much time off from work for all medical appointments, PT and hospital stays and such and needed the car to get her to all the appointments.  As well, we bought a portable wheel chair to help with transportation.

  • Paid off $3000 in medical bills for a family whose 6 year old son was  diagnosed with Ependymoma Grade ll/lll Anaplastic brain tumor.   Due to the fact that he had complications from surgeries he will remain in the hospital for treatments and mom is with him in another state at the hospital while dad remains at home caring for 2 younger children, we have helped pay a portion of their medical bills to relieve some financial burden since mom and dad currently can not work.

  • Paid $3500 towards medical bills for a family with a 6 month old boy diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1.  This is a family has spent the last 6 months in and out of hospitals.  They have not been able to work and their bills were piling up.   We have assisted this family with a portion of their bills to make things a little easier for them.

  • Donated gift cards to the Matthew Fetzer Foundation for children in hospitals.

  • Paid for an elevator to be built in the home of a medically fragile child.

  • Helped to get a pop-up Trailer donated to a local family for a medically fragile child who underwent heart surgery and  would allow her to be transported and receive treatment in a sterile environment.

  • Donated $27,500 to The  Morgan Center in 2018 for tuition for preschool children undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

  • Gifted two $500 scholarships for local High School special needs students.

  • Donated $107,000 to The Morgan Center in 2017 for tuition for preschool children undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

  • Donated over $104,000 to The Morgan Center between the years of 2013-2016.

  • Donated 25 Build-A-Bear Teddy Bears to the Children of The Morgan Center.

  • Mill Neck Manor Christmas Magic Event Wreath Sponsor.

  • Donated ipads to poor children with autism.

  • Sponsored tuition for children attending The Morgan Center.

  • Donated money for children to attend a Christmas event.

  • Donated school supplies for The Morgan Center.

  • Participated in Cuts for a Cure.

  • Attended the ASCF Gala.

  • Attended and participated in the Michael Magro Volleyball fundraiser.

  • Collected and delivered toys to children in the hospital with the Matthew Fetzer Foundation.

  • Put together smile bags and delivered them to children with cancer in the hospital.

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