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The YOLO Strong Foundation

Be Strong, Give Strong

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Almost 10 years ago 3 moms decided to compete in their first obstacle course race. Why? They wanted to give back to a local charity. As the year carried on Team YOLO grew. There are now over 250 volunteers  who have competed in some of the most arduous of races.  NEVER in their wildest dreams could these 3 moms have predicted what an impact that decision would make! Read more

Upcoming & Past Events

YOLO Strong was invited to the taping of the Dr. Oz Show on April 12th, 2018.  We presented him with his very own YOLO Strong Foundation T-Shirt from Bulldough, Inc.


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We are strong women with the passion, determination & unwavering ambition to give back & make a meaningful impact. We will make a difference  in the lives of sick children & their families in our local communities who are suffering from adversity & trying to overcome life changing circumstances.

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